Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Operators – Who are Melusi and Ace?

Rainbow Six: Siege continues to go from strength to strength and it's about to get even bigger with the release of Operation Steel Wave.

Just like Operation Void Edge, Season 2 will bring two new operators. In Season 1, we were introduced to Ianna and Oryx.

Here's our guide to Melusi and Ace, the two new additions.

New Operators

The two new Operators are Melusi from South Africa and Ace from Norway. A new NIGHTHAVEN recruit, Ace, swoops in to join the Attackers, while the Defenders gain a new teammate in Melusi, an Inkaba Task Force ranger.

Ace is a potent mix of the unpredictable and the bombastic, part showman, all professional.

Specialist Thandiwe “Melusi” Ndlovu combines tireless vigilance and hair-trigger reflexes. It asks much of its proponents and, in turn, Ndlovu delivers.

Ace Loadout

Ace's special ability is S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher - this ability will blow up breachable surfaces, with it deploying up to three times on walls.

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Melusi Loadout

Melusi's special ability is Banshee Sonic Defense - this bulletproof ability slows down opponents with an ear blistering scream.

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