Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Sam Fisher Zero Guide: Loadout, Abilities, and Tips for Siege's Latest Operator

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Operation Shadow Legacy is bringing back a familiar face, as fans can get reacquainted with Mr Third Echelon himself, Sam Fisher.

That said, he's bought some new toys along, so it's worth brushing up on his abilities. Here's what we know. 


Release Date

Sam Fisher, also known as Zero, arrives alongside the new season.

He'll be free to Year 5 pass owners, but you'll need to unlock him with Renown or R6 Credits from a week later if you don't have it.

Who Is Zero?

An invaluable intelligence gatherer, Zero is an attacking operator with medium speed and medium armour.


While in the majority of his solo adventures, Sam Fisher can complete missions without killing anyone, he's just as lethal in the world of Rainbow Six: Siege as any other operator.

Zero Loadout

Zero has the SC-3000K from the Splinter Cell franchise as a primary weapon option, as well as being able to swap it out for the MP7.

He also has a silenced 5.7 USG sidearm to ensure he remains as quiet as possible.



Zero Abilities

Fisher's key ability is a gadget, known as the Argus Launcher.

This nifty toy fires Argus projectiles that can bore straight through breakable and reinforced walls, floors and ceilings and create camera vision of both sides.


That's not all, though, as each can fire a single laser that can destroy gadgets or deal the killing blow to enemy operators.

Tips And Tricks

Zero is an ideal character for supporting a fellow Operator, or for attempting to flank behind an enemy team.

His ability to identify multiple targets, and neutralise gadgets is a huge boon for any team, though each of the Argus rounds makes a good deal of noise when burrowing into place.


Thankfully, even on impenetrable surfaces they can operate similarly to Valkyrie's cameras, sticking rather than burrowing through - with the added benefit of a laser.