Rainbow Six Siege Will Add Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher

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Operation Steel Wave is underway, but Ubisoft has teased another fresh operator coming to Rainbow Six: Siege - Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher.

We're still waiting for much of the information about how the Third Echelon spy's playstyle will carry over to Siege's tactical shooter, but we'll update this as we hear more.


Sam Fisher Is Coming To Rainbow Six Siege

Fisher will be fully revealed on August 16, which will likely tie into the game's next season of content, but you can check him out in the trailer below.

It's worth noting that this version of Fisher looks much more grizzled than the character has done in the past, actually looking somewhat reminiscent of the character's cancelled look from the early versions of Splinter Cell: Conviction before he was redesigned.

Sporting a large black coat and a weapon that could potentially be an updated version of his SC-20K assault rifle.


It also looks as though Night Vision will play a big part as it does in his own games, judging by its appearance in the trailer.

His designation in the game is "Zero", and he won't be voiced by Michael Ironside.

The trailer description notes "Prepare. Execute. Vanish", suggesting Fisher will strike from the shadows - which makes sense.

While it's been seven years since he appeared in his own game, Fisher has been appearing in other Ubisoft titles of late.


Following a cameo in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, he appeared in the sequel, Breakpoint, as a character in its DLC.

He's also set to appear in Elite Squad, a cross-property Tom Clancy mobile title.

Ubisoft quit playing with my heart - give our man a game!