Rainbow Six Siege: How to lean in Ubisoft's tactical shooter

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Rainbow Six: Siege gets a huge new update next month with Operation Void Edge, but it can be a tricky game to jump into.

With headshots being instant kills, and even a couple of body shots having the same effect, leaning around corners or peeking through openings is crucial to your survival.

Here's our guide to leaning, which should hopefully stop your enemies turning you into swiss cheese.

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Rainbow Six Siege: How to lean


If you're playing with a mouse and keyboard, you'll need to aim-down-sights.

With your weapon raised, press 'E' or 'Q' to lean left or right respectively.

Xbox One and PS4

Leaning on console is nice and straightforward. Regardless of which platform you're on, simply aim-down-sights.

Once you're scoped, click the left thumbstick to lean left, or the right thumbstick to lean right.

Nice and simple.

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