How Many People Play Rainbow Six Siege in 2021?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege could be considered as one of the most popular Rainbow Six titles throughout its more than two-decade presence in the gaming industry.

Rainbow Six Siege was so popular that it eventually became an esports title, and an esports league was created to host tournaments where players all around the world compete for the top prize.

But is the game seeing a decline in terms of player count over the years? Let’s find out in this article how many people play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege in 2021.

How Many People Play Rainbow Six Siege in 2021?

The latest milestone about player count declared by Rainbow Six Siege developers Ubisoft was announced last December 2020.

They revealed that over the years of the game’s existence since 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 70 million players who are registered on all of the game’s available platforms.

But if we’re talking about this year, Statista has reported that Rainbow Six Siege in Steam lists an average of almost 150,000 concurrent players every month since January. This is only from Steam, so there is a possibility that the total number of players in the game could be bigger.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Release Date

As for future Rainbow Six titles, Ubisoft first released the trailer for the upcoming Rainbow Six Quarantine last June of 2019.

But, there is still no news if the game will be released soon. All we can do is to wait if Quarantine will be out this year, so follow us to know the latest news about the Rainbow Six games!

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