PUBG Season 8 Sanhok Remaster Map Guide: What's new, graphics comparison, loot trucks and confiscated weapons

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PUBG Season 8 has arrived on PC test servers, and it brings sweeping changes to the Sanhok map.

The game's smallest map is being changed drastically, both in visual terms and with gameplay alterations. Here's everything you need to know to get that Chicken Dinner.


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Sanhok Map Changes For PUBG Season 8

Visual Comparison

Sanhok is getting a huge visual overhaul, which PUBG Corp is referring to as a remaster.

Check out these comparison images below.

Sanhok looks like an almost entirely different map
It's not just visually different, but level architecture is entirely different in some areas.
Expect to put in plenty of time to re-learn your favourite drop zones.
The map is known for its smaller size.
All new cover locations will make firefights less predictable
What do you think of the changes?

Loot Trucks

Aside from visual changes, Sanhok is getting a new "Loot Truck" mechanic.

These vehicles move around the map and drop loot when hit by weapons, allowing you to grab fresh gear at the risk of giving away your position.

They'll drop even more loot if you blow them up, too, but that'll likely require a squad effort.

New Weapons

The weapons on board those loot trucks are known as "Confiscated Weapons", and are already pre-loaded with attachments and weapon skins.

Check out "Julie's Kar98" below, with a 6x scope, bullet loops, and suppressor. You can find out more here.

Julie's Kar98 looks to have done a number on this Loot Truck.

Battle Pass

In a long-awaited change, the new Payback Battle Pass will factor team placement into the ranked points awarded.

Also, if you're playing in Ranked Mode, you'll be able to find the remastered Vikendi map in the playlist.


Check out the trailer for the revamped Sanhok below.