PUBG Season 8: Weapons Tier List For And The Best Weapon To Use In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For PC, Xbox One And PS4

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PUBG Season 8 is here and there's so much to look forward to. While we don't know a lot about what changes will be made to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, we can give you a head start by working out which weapons will be your best choices.

You can use this list to perfect your tactics and make sure you're not carrying a piece of junk around with you!

Let's break down PUBG's weapons and what you should pick up or leave on the ground.

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S Tier


The GROZA is a supremely powerful Assault Rifle that can be found in supply drops that fall across the map.

Well, that or looting one from an enemy you've just taken out. With a large magazine and high rate of fire, the GROZA will shred opponents in a firefight at mid- to close-range, so be sure to grab it if you see one knocking about.

A word of warning for any weapons found in supply crates - be very careful when approaching a crate.

The red plume of smoke can be seen from across the map, and many players keep their sniper rifles aimed at fallen crates to take out anyone foolish enough to run in without cover.



However, if you find yourself emptying out the contents of a supply crate into your backpack and come across an AWM, don't be disappointed.

On the contrary, you've just found the best Sniper Rifle in the game.

Grab yourself an 8x scope and a couple of other attachments, and you'll be completely set for the final rounds of the game.

Hell, you could even camp out overlooking another supply crate to take out an unsuspecting opponent.

A Tier


If you thought we were all out of supply crate weapons, you'd be dead wrong.

The M24 is less powerful than the AWM, but is more forgiving to use. It's quicker to reload, and has less recoil - but you'll still need that scope.

Aim for headshots to maximise damage with the M24, as otherwise it just isn't quite penetrative enough.


"An UZI?" I hear you say, "That does so little damage, how come it's in the A-Tier?".

Well, one shot from an UZI will do very little, but once you switch to automatic fire and add a couple of attachments, the DPS goes through the roof.

An extended quickdraw magazine, suppressor, and stock are all vital to the success of using an UZI, but once you've got it kitted out, it can shred armour in seconds at close range.

Be sure to pair with an Assault Rifle or Sniper to cover all your bases.



The AUG is the last weapon you can find in those all-or-nothing supply crates.

It hits fairly low damage compared to other Assault Rifles, but the lack of recoil makes it unerringly accurate.


The M416 is probably the best Assault Rifle that isn't exclusively found in supply crates. Its high DPS and versatility make it the perfect weapon for all stages of the game.

A 4x scope and single-fire mode turn this into a pseudo-sniper rifle for mid-ranged enemies, or a 2x and an extended quickdraw mag is perfect for cityfights.

B Tier


The SCAR-L can be lethal if you manage it well. That's to say that you need to understand just how much recoil it has.

If you can handle the huge kick, the SCAR has the potential to win you many fights against opponents wielding weaker weapons. Just make sure you hit the target.


This Marksman Rifle has a similar issue to the SCAR-L - yes, the recoil.

The SLR's damage is far superior to the SKS (and why it is slightly higher up on this list), but maintaining your accuracy is difficult.

Be sure to line up your headshot perfectly before letting loose.


The Kar98K may look a little feeble at first glance, but it can be a handy tool in a clever player's arsenal.

It can be good to nick early game kills before players have found good armour or helmets, and it can also lay down great covering fire when teammates are pushing an enemy location.

It is unerringly accurate and has next-to-no recoil, perfect for grabbing headshots aplenty.



This Assault Rifle joins most of the rest of B-Tier as a weapon with far too much recoil to be greatly useful.

However, it does a lot of damage and can be used well in conjunction with more accurate weapons.

Combine this with an UZI or Sniper Rifle and be ready to take on all comers.


Our final entry into the Too Much Recoil Tier - sorry, B Tier - is the M16A4.

Again, it's got too much recoil to be further up this list but does too much damage to be relegated any lower.

If you're still feeling confident you can manage the recoil, then, by all means, pick it up, but we'd recommend replacing it with a better weapon as soon as you find one.

C Tier


The Mk14 is available from supply crates - and I know I said the AUG was the final supply crate weapon, but that's because if you open a crate to find an Mk14, you're best off leaving it where it is.

There is simply no need for a fully automatic Marksman Rifle, meaning the Mk14 is just pretty useless.


The SKS is another Marksman Rifle, and although it is outclassed by the SLR, it could come in useful in a pinch.

The horrific recoil should place it in the B Tier, but it simply isn't on the same level as the other weapons there. Pick it up if it's the first thing you see, but ditch this as early as possible.


The DP-28 has one thing, and one thing only, going for it. It is perfectly usable without any attachments.

This is handy for early stages of games, but once you've looted a few buildings and picked up a bunch of attachments, replace this with something bigger and/or better.


This Assault Rifle has an incredible 100-round magazine, which can confuse opponents and let you outshoot them, however, make sure you reload away from combat, as it takes a long time.

Other than that, there's not a lot going for it really.


The Mini14 is another Marksman Rifle, further down the list than its compatriots purely due to the lack of damage.

It is rarely worth picking one of these up unless there are no other options.


The UMP9 is a very accurate SMG with very little recoil. Perfect for early game city fight situations, grab an extended magazine to maximise your DPS.

The drawback of the UMP9 is that it doesn't do enough damage compared to Assault Rifles or the UZI, so keep your eyes out for them as a replacement.


The S12K can be clutch as soon as you land, as the fully automatic Shotgun can do huge damage to enemies and take them by surprise.

However, it is useless at any sort of range other than up-close-and-personal, so find something else quickly.

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D Tier


This Shotgun might bag you an early kill if you land next to a player with no weapons, but it is otherwise pretty useless.

Remember to get as close as possible before firing to do the most damage.


The VSS comes with an in-built scope and suppressor, making it great to pick up and start sniping, but the pitiful damage means you usually just give away your position while barely harming your opponent.


The Vector would be better with a bigger magazine. Even when equipped with an extended mag, it chews through rounds too quickly to be useful.

You don't want to have to reload in the middle of a firefight, so don't pick up a Vector.


Back in 1894 they didn't have scopes, therefore the Win94 can't take any attachments. Unfortunately, this makes it incredibly difficult to use in PUBG.

Maybe they'll make a WW1 mode at some point, where it will reign supreme? Until then, find something else.

Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun and its huge dish of a magazine can deliver a fair amount of (inaccurate) damage to an enemy but simply doesn't do enough to be worth a slot in your inventory.


The D tier is filled with WW1 weapons, and the S1897 Shotgun is the last. Again, not worth a second thought.


Crossbows aren't useful, despite the fact that a headshot can instant-kill. It'll never happen. Seriously, don't even try it.

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