PUBG Season 7: Best Landing And Loot Spots In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For PC, Xbox One And PS4

Heading into PUBG Season 7, players are going to be even keener to land in the best loot spots and grab the clutch victories.

Where you land can vary depending on your teammates, your playstyle, and how spicy you want each match to be, but we've got all your options covered for every playstyle or match type.

We'll be updating this with any new additions to Season 7, so make sure you check back to keep on top of all the latest information!

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If you're looking to drop into the forests of Erangel, PUBG's original map, there are a couple of good spots. We'll start with the most popular spots, and then give you some left-field picks that can work well.

Pochinki is the central point of the map, and also holds some of the finest loot to line your backpack.

However, this comes at a price. Pochinki is the most popular spot to land in Erangel, and this will no doubt continue into Season 7.

If you can make it through the sea of parachutes and then the hectic fight on the ground, you'll come away with a few kills and the finest loot.

The next best busy options are Geogopol and Yasnaya Polyana. You're best off heading to these if you're after a balance between good loot and a bit more breathing space, but if they're directly under the flight path, things could be just as busy as Pochinki.

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You'll need to keep an eye on the gas more here than in the central Pochinki.

The Military Base on the southern island of the map can be a great place for loot, but will be busy if near the flight path, and can result in ambushes on the bridges if the circle isn't kind. Drop here with caution.

Our outside pick for dropping in Erangel is Mylta Power, on the eastern edge of the map. It's usually pretty quiet and offers some great loot.

Once you're done, head to the nearby town of Mylta for a little more loot, and find a vehicle to chase that circle towards a busier area now you're all kitted out!

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PUBG's other big map is the desert of Miramar, which can look a little bleak when dropping in. There are a lot of sparse areas of land, but the cities can offer plentiful boon.

The two most popular spots are again at the centre of the map, as they lend themselves well to adapting to the circle when it comes around.

In Miramar, head to Los Leones and El Pozo for the busiest landing spots. Head for the higher ground, especially in Los Leones, to grab good loot and hit enemies from above.


If you're wanting somewhere less busy, Campo Militaro can prove fruitful with a well-fated flight path. Again, this can get a little busy at times, so play it carefully and listen out for enemies. Eyes on the map are vital here, watch out for the gas!

The last spot to drop in Miramar is Pecado. This tiny settlement is very central, and carries some of the very best loot you'll find. However, be prepared for a big fight for that lovely gear.

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You'll have to use some unique strategies in Sanhok, as it is a much smaller map than Erangel or Miramar.

Central spots like Bootcamp and Paradise Resort offer great loot, but will likely be busier than anywhere on the bigger maps, due to the condensed nature of Sanhok.

Therefore, your best bet might be landing at a quieter spot and hopping on a jetski or tuk-tuk to head into the fray.


Another great landing spot, if only for its epic "spy film" feel, is parachuting into the Cave. Unmarked on the map, it is in the southeast corner of the map, but fairly central. There's a bunch of loot down there, and a jetski to make an impressive escape by river.

Our last tip is to avoid the island in the northwest of the map, as the circle is rarely kind, and the loot isn't worth grabbing. Crossing bridges is always risky, and you'll find yourself moving more than looting or fighting.

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Vikendi is the newest map in PUBG, and we're hoping it won't suffer from too many changes as we head into Season 7. Navigating the snowy plains is a tricky task, but aim for the cities to best fill your loot bags.

Dobro Mesto and Podvosto are great shouts for a busy, central landing spot. Find a building with nobody else headed towards it and loot yourself silly, before turning those weapons on the countless others who no doubt landed nearby.

Alternatively, grab a snowmobile after you've grabbed some good stuff and head to a quieter spot! However, be careful, as enemies can track your footprints and tyre tracks through the snow.

The Castle is another epic spot to land, you'll feel like you're really in a movie. However, that makes it hugely popular, and the tight corridors don't offer that much in the way of loot. We'd recommend avoiding it.

Head to Villa or Cement Factory if you want a safe landing spot, however, these can get busy due to the small map size if the flight path veers too close by.

Our off-the-wall pick for Vikendi is landing in Dino Park - purely for the scenery. Lost enemies in the labyrinth, pick up some weapons underneath the fake volcano, or stare at the dinosaur statues for a good laugh.

This is a unique landing spot for sure, but not necessarily the most competitive.

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