PUBG Season 7: Developers Confirm Stronger Anti-Cheat Measures Inbound Alongside Performance Improvements

PUBG Season 7 is here for PC gamers, with console players getting to jump in as of April 21.

With the approach of a new season, PUBG Corp has released an open letter to fans of the battle royale title from Taeseok Jang, Executive Producer on the game's PC version.

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In the latest update, Jang confirms that the studio's aim is to work to prevent cheating and hacking in PUBG, which has been rife since the game's inception.

Aimbots and the like have ruined the game for many players, and Jang states that the team is working to improve vulnerabilities in the code across weapons, vehicles and character movement areas.

PUBG Corp is also stepping up efforts to detect cheat software and issue stronger bans.

Thankfully, there's another section focused on the performance and stability of the game, and it's surprisingly honest. As Jang states:

"We know it hasn’t been the best year for this category so far, with persistent network, server, and game client issues. Although providing a high level of service is always one of our top priorities, specific issues have endured for far too long and overshadow any good improvements we make. Hitching and game crashes especially have increased and remained persistent in the recent months. Your feedback has been heard loud and clear and is completely justified"

Multiple areas have been optimised, including opening the inventory, throwing items and even equipping weapons – all of which have caused a degree of slowdown in the past.

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