PUBG Season 7: PUBG Corp wants your feedback to improve the game on PS4 and Xbox One

Unlike PUBG Mobile, the big-screen version of PUBG on PC is about to hit Season 7 on April 14, while PS4 and Xbox players can enjoy the new content as of April 21.

While players are undoubtedly gearing up for another three months of chicken dinners, developer PUBG Corp is looking for player feedback – specifically for the console versions of the game.

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With the 'Controller Guide - Improvement' survey, the developers want to know how they can improve controller settings. 

You can find the questionnaire here, and it's very short – with questions relating to controller presets and which buttons you'd like to remap.

Aside from feeling like you've helped the devs gather information about how players enjoy PUBG on console, you can also win some prizes – there's a PUBG Nendoroid figure, the Survivor Pass for Season 7, and Season 7 Community Packages available.

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