PUBG Mobile Season 12: How To Level Up Fast

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PUBG Mobile is heading towards Season 12 at an alarming pace and a new Royale Pass will be available for the thousands that are playing.

If you want to grab the best cosmetics from the pass or just laud your levels over your friends, we've run down how to get the most experience from your every match.


Maximising experience is the quickest way to level up, but there are a couple of tricks for how to do this.

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Stick to one game mode, Classic. This is the best place to earn experience, and switching all the time will just spread your levels across the different game modes. Nobody's got the time for that.

Get your phone ready. The bigger screen you've got, the better. If you can play on a tablet, use that instead. Other than that, connect to some stable WiFi to ensure your connection holds out through the match.

What's more, make sure all other apps are closed and aren't doing anything in the background. PUBG Mobile uses a lot of your phone's capacity, so other apps could slow it down and affect your gameplay.



Our last suggestion is to plug in some high-quality headphones, preferably with surround sound.

This way, you'll know exactly what direction your enemies are, and have the upper hand when it comes to stealth.

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Complete The Challenges

The quickest way to earn experience is by completing the challenges on the left-hand side of your screen when you load up the game.

These could be anything from getting three kills in a match to using ten medkits overall.



They reward great experience and generally reward good gameplay, so be sure to complete them if you want to level up fast.

Season 12's Battle Pass may offer more challenges on top of those we've already got, so keep an eye out in case we get some more easy experience.

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Tips For Gaining The Most Experience In-Play

The other way to earn experience is through actually playing the game. However, this experience is granted in four different areas, Survival Time, Health Restored, Kills, and Support.

They are not weighted equally. Check our list to see what tactics to employ if you're planning on levelling up fast.

Survival Time


This is the most important when it comes to experience. Drop quiet, and play safe. Try to make it into the top ten at the least in every game to maximise your experience points gained.

The best ways to do this are by dropping far from the plane or into small clusters of buildings rather than heading gung-ho into Pochinki or Los Leones.

Watch the circle so you're not caught out and only take on other players when absolutely necessary. This is a survival game, not a killing game.

Health Restored

Another important factor in the experience equation is how much you heal, so grab as many heals as possible and utilise them. This includes bandages, first aid kits, painkillers, and energy drinks.

There are certain ways to purposefully take damage in order to heal it back up, but we're not going to go into farming methods here.

Make sure to share your heals with the rest of your team to keep your squad at full strength because you still need to make it into the top ten and hopefully grab that Chicken Dinner.




Kills actually don't help your experience growth as much as survival time or health, but you need to grab a few at least.

A few kills in the late game can help you nail a spot in the top 10, but don't engage unnecessarily. Getting 10+ kills and coming 40th will earn you fewer points than getting 3 kills and coming in the top 10.

As a rule, don't engage unless you've got a full set of Level 2 Armour and Helmet, as well as some decent weapons.

Dropping right at the end of the flight path may see you land with some players whose connection has dropped for some easy kills, but where's the fun in that?



Supporting teammates can help your score, in damage. Damage is actually more important for this calculation than the number of kills you get, so don't worry if a teammate gets the killing blow when you've destroyed an opponent's armour and health to the last slither.

Hopefully, you can use these tactics to outlive your opponents and level up as fast as possible in PUBG Mobile.