PUBG Mobile Season 12: Tips And Tricks And How To Get Better At PUBG Mobile - Best Weapons, Best Landing Spots And More

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PUBG Mobile players are eagerly anticipating Season 12 of the hit mobile game, and a new season means one thing - new players.

We always get returning and brand new players when new seasons are released, as well as everyone trying their hardest to level up their Royale Pass and get the most kills.


So, whether you're a returning player or someone who has been at it for the long run, it might well be time to brush up on your tactics.

Which weapons should you pick up and where, where do you land, how do you improve your accuracy? We've got you covered.

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Best Weapons

To start you off, we'll go through the best weapons. When you first land, look for anything you can find and try to take out enemies in the air or before they can find a weapon of their own. After that, you can be a little more picky.

If you see a DP-28, be sure to pick that up right away, as its high rate of fire and quality without attachments makes it an MVP in early game scenarios.

If you've landed in a city, shotguns such as the S12K will be your friends, and an Uzi will always help you out of a tricky spot, and you can always pick up attachments for that later.


If you've landed in a quieter spot, you can afford to take your time a little more, but your choices may be more limited.

Look for Assault Rifles such as the M416 or SCAR-L, grab any nearby optics and attachments, and move into a city to pick up better loot.

Once the match has been underway for a little while, you'll notice the plane dropping supply crates onto the battlefield.


These offer the best armour, camouflage, and of course, weapons, but they can be very hotly contested.

The plume of red smoke that they let off on the ground alerts all nearby players to their presence, so heading towards one is a risk.

However, if you come out of there unscathed and armed with a Groza, M24, or AWM, you're set for the rest of the match.


The last thing to note is to try to pick weapons that complement each other. Maybe they share the same ammo to take up less space in your backpack or fulfil different roles.

If you're happy with a Mini14 for long-ranged sniping, look into something for more close-ranged firefights in your second slot. An Uzi or AKM would work well, for instance.

And don't be afraid to upgrade your weapons if you find something better. It may take a minute to change all the attachments over as you're looting a dead body, but try to keep moving back and forth or go prone in cover to block yourself from opposing snipers while you do so.

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We mentioned attachments a lot in the last section, but they really can change a game.

With the application of an extended magazine, suppressor, and stock, the humble Uzi can go from a subpar weapon to the best SMG and short-ranged weapon in the game.


The same goes for any weapons, really. You'll need a 6x or 8x scope to add to your Sniper Rifles before they're even worth using, and extended quickdraw magazines are worthwhile on any weapon.

Assault Rifles benefit greatly from attachments too, so don't skimp on them. Stabilising the recoil on an AKM can make the world of difference to how many shots you hit, and could mean the difference between winning a fight and losing.

Make sure you also carry enough ammo for plenty of fights - there's nothing worse than running out when you need it most!

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Best Landing Spots

Landing spots depend entirely on playstyle, but busier areas like cities offer the best loot and therefore are more popular.

We've listed a couple of popular spots for each PUBG Mobile map, and then a slightly quieter option if you're not feeling quite so brave.



Erangel is the original PUBG map, and most of us have many fond memories when dropping in. The most popular area to drop is the central city of Pochinki, but this will be incredibly busy.

However, if you fancy yourself to get some early kills, you will find the very best loot here. Gerogopol and Yasnaya Polyana offer a medium loot-to-popularity ratio but can get equally busy depending on the plane's trajectory.

Sosnovka Military Base is another great spot for loot, and even if the plane flies directly over it, it's big enough to avoid landing too near any other players.

There's usually a vehicle spawn or two on the road, so keep an eye on the circle in case you need to make a run across one of the bridges connecting it to the mainland.

Our offbeat pick for Erangel is Mylta Power. The huge chimneys sit next to some large warehouses that offer great loot, and it's often empty thanks to its remote location.

After looting it all head to the nearby towns of Lipovka or Mylta to grab some final items before finding a vehicle to take you to wherever the circle dictates.


This can leave you a little stranded and forced to run across the whole map, but if the circle is kind this spot can offer you one of the best starts you could ask for.



As usual, the central locations are the busiest, as you'll need to worry about the circle the least. The biggest cities of Los Leones and El Pozo offer the busiest and most popular landing zones, but Miramar has a couple of hidden gems on offer.

Campo Militaro in the northeast corner has some great loot on offer if the plane takes you near enough, but keep an eye on the circle as the gas can prove deadly if you're caught off-guard.

The small central town of Pecado also offers fantastic loot - and you won't have to bother checking on the circle - if you're willing to take out some other players when you land.

Pick up Assault rifles and Sniper Rifles on this map to snipe other players running across the empty plains.



Sanhok is a much smaller map than Erangel and Miramar, and therefore coastal locations can be just as popular as central ones.

The Vietnam-inspired terrain makes long-ranged weapons more difficult to use, as the trees provide ample cover. Bootcamp and Paradise Resort are the most popular spots, and with good reason, as they offer central locations and great loot.

However, head to the cave if your parachute accuracy is good enough, as in the depths is an incredible amount of loot for the area.

There are also some jetskis to make your getaway by water. We'd recommend avoiding the island in the northwest of the map, as the circle is rarely kind to you there, and you'll have to move early.




The snowy planes of Vikendi are PUBG Mobile's latest addition and have some really unique landing spots. Dobro Mesto, Cosmodrome and Podvosto seem busiest, but Castle is an incredibly popular spot despite its somewhat isolated location. There's a bit of loot to be found, but it's rarely worth the fight.

On the smaller maps, it's rare that anywhere close to the plane's route will be empty, but we'd recommend landing at Villa and Cement Factory.

These can get very busy if the plane flies too close, so you'll have to play it by ear. Dino Park is a great spectacle of a location, and you can lose enemies in the labyrinth here, too.

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Supply Crates

Supply Crates offer the very best weapons and equipment in the game, but you should know a few things before heading right to them.

The plume of red smoke can be seen from across the map, so be very careful of snipers or other nearby players who might have their sights set on the area for an easy kill while you're out in the open.


We generally recommend sending one or two players from your team in on a quick vehicle like a motorbike and leaving the rest to give covering fire.

Share out the loot evenly, but the most important thing is making sure everyone survives. The other option is waiting for another team to take the loot bait before ambushing them and taking it for yourself.

Be careful though, as they'll be armed with one of the best weapons in the game.

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What Not To Do

Do not, we repeat do not leave your team to land where you wanted to go. Your best bet is sticking together, so make a compromise or end up dead.

Communication is key through the entire game, but there's nothing worse than karma stabbing you in the back when you need reviving but your team is on the other side of the map.


Don't go in all-guns-blazing. Yes, it's about killing 99 other players and emerging victorious, but you need to plan your attacks.

Again, communicate with your team if you see an enemy, and watch what they're doing before attacking. Are they alone, are they near a vehicle for a quick escape?

Do they keep stopping to line up a shot on another player, or are they hovering over a death box? If so, these are your times to strike, and no sooner.

Hopefully, if you've taken some of this advice, you'll start PUBG Mobile Season 12 with a tasty Chicken Dinner, be the scourge of Miramar and the envy of your teammates. That's the dream, anyway.