PUBG 2 LEAKS: Release Date, Rumours, PUBG Mobile 2.0, Price, Cross Platform And Everything We Know

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PUBG 2 seems to have been confirmed and is happening! This includes an overhaul for the mobile version - PUBG Mobile 2.0!

PUBG was once the most popular Battle Royale on the planet, but since its release, a number of contenders have joined the genre.

So it makes sense for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to get a revival.

The PUBG Corporation will bring players a fresh experience with their realism based Battle Royale title.

Here's what we know about PUBG 2.

Latest News

PUBG New State - 25th January

PUBG Mobile is getting a brand new game!

The new standalone game is called PUBG New State and will arrive later in 2021.

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PUBG Mobile 2 Coming This Year? - 19th January

As reported by VGC, according to Bloomberg, the South Korean developer has plans to release a new battle royale mobile title this year “based on PUBG”.

By 2022, another “PUBG-related” PC and console game will release; but it's unclear if its the same title.

According to sources, the project had been in development since early 2019 for mobile, console and PC and was “highly likely” to be PUBG 2.

PUBG 2 Confirmed? - 6th January

@PlayerIGN has tweeted that PUBG has confirmed they are developing PUBG Mobile 2.

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Release Date

Currently, there is no release date scheduled for this game.

It would be too early to assume it is arriving this year, so we are anticipating for it to release in 2022.

An announcement could come in as early as 24th January according to @subzidite2 - if the game is heavily mobile-focused.

A possible announcement could be the final week of PGI.s (28th March).


According to @PlayerIGN, it is a PC and Console Cross-Platform title.

Meaning it will land on Xbox Series X, PlayStation and PC. We also assume it will be placed onto last-gen consoles including the Xbox One and PS4.

There are no details on whether it is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The Mobile version will be exclusive to mobile users and platforms, meaning iOS and Android users will play a separate version of the game together.


There's no pricing for the title yet.

The original game is listed for £26.99 on Steam.

It costs roughly £15-25 on the Xbox and PlayStation store.

The game is free on mobile devices.


It's believed the game will run on Unreal Engine 4 - this is due to a XTRM job listing asking for people with UE4 experience (according to @subzidite2).


@PlayerIGN has confirmed that the title will support cross-platform play.

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