PUBG New State: Release Date, Trailer, Pre-Register, Alpha, Platforms, Price, New Map, Setting, What Is It And Everything We Know

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PUBG's little universe is expanding with a third game in the franchise - PUBG: New State.

As we caught wind of a PUBG Mobile 2.0 earlier this year, players have been hyped to see what's next for their favourite FPS game.


The highly successful Battle Royale game is now branching out to mix up the popular format with a standalone game.

Where things will differ is that this game is set far into the future, but what you love about the game will remain the same.

PUBG have been slowly sharing information and even new screenshots as we ramp up to launch.

Here's what we know about PUBG New State.


Latest News

5 Million Pre-Registrations – March 5

Within its first week since announcement, PUBG New State has hit 5 million pre-registrations on the Play Store.

Looks like there's plenty of life in the franchise.

Release Date

No definitive release date has been set, but it is coming later in 2021.




You can pre-register on the website here.

You can pre-register for the game on Android here.


The PUBG: New State Alpha will begin on June 11 for Android users in the US. You can find the full details here.



The game will likely be free-to-play, just like the current PUBG Mobile game.


This game will launch on iOS and Android.

Hopefully, PC and Console will receive this version of the game as well, but for now, it will remain on Mobile platforms.


The Developers for New State will be PUBG Studio.


Interestingly enough, PUBG Mobile was made by Chinese tech giant Tencent - perhaps they will get involved at some point along the way or be developing the Chinese version.


The game is set in 2051, taking place after the current PUBG games (those are set in modern times).

The new map is called Troi and promises to bring a slew of near-future weaponry and vehicles.

These include things like drones, deployable combat shields and more.

Early images make it look like it's loosely based on some of the futuristic Call of Duty titles such as Black Ops 3 and 4 (without the jetpacks and clown skins of course).

New State will also dive deeper into PUBG lore, which seems to be the direction most Battle Royales are heading to these days.




The game promises to shake things up with new in-game weapon customisation options.


Despite the mobile nature of the title, PUBG Studio is making big promises of “ultra-realistic graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming.”

The game also appears to include breakable car doors, new attachments such as the Extended Barrel attachments and Drum Magazine, as well as a GPS/Navigation system.


Pre-order and you'll get the Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent).