PS5 Stock Update: Amazon PlayStation 5 Restock May Happen Tomorrow

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 soon, you might be in luck.

Following countless limited restocks and near-instantaneous sellouts across the country and internationally, Amazon U.K. might be gearing up for another, bigger round of PlayStation 5 restocks.

The news comes from the self-styled biggest U.K. PS5 stock information source, Twitter user @PS5StockAlertUK.

They claim Amazon will be restocking upwards of eight thousand PlayStation 5 units the week of March 29.

They base their information on increased stock shipments the retail giant is reportedly ordering.

Eight thousand is significant because, as the insider says, they typically order only five thousand or less.

Of course, as with all rumors, it’s best to view this latest PS5 restock announcement with a measure of skepticism.

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Bigger Amazon PlayStation 5 Restock May Happen Soon

There’s no way of telling how current the shipment information passed to @PS5StockAlertUK is or where it came from.

Additionally, Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger recently commented on the semiconductor shortage problem that’s affecting PS5’s and other computers, saying it could take a year or more to see supplies return to normal.

Still, other retailers have surprise PS5 restocks following random patterns after all.

So it never hurts to be prepared just in case Amazon does have a bigger-than-usual restock planned.

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