What Are PS5 Activity Cards and How Do They Work?

So you finally nabbed a PS5 and now you're wondering what activity cards are? For most single player games, it's difficult to remember where you are in the game or what achievements you're yet to unlock unless you're playing regularly. Sony introduced activity cards with the PS5 as a response to single player problems, ways for developers to offer helpful hints to guide players when they get stuck.

Activity cards in PS5 tell you where to go for certain main story quests and even how to acquire special optional items, such as costumes.

Do Activity Cards Work with PS4 games?

It's sort of in the name. PS5 activity cards work on PS5 and only PS5.

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How Do PS5 Activity Cards Work

These activity cards break down the game into smaller sizeable blocks. The idea behind this is to allow you to see details about your games by simply hovering over them.

With the PS5 activity cards, you don't need to head into the game anymore in order to find out about your progress or your achievements. As you progress through the games in your library, their corresponding activity cards will keep updating themselves.

Other than presenting you with stats, PS5 activity cards will also help you jump into specific points in the game as well. Suppose you're in the middle of a mission and you happen to quit the game at a checkpoint.

With these activity cards, you will be able to load at that very specific check point directly without manually logging into your game.

What's more interesting is that these activity cards have a feature where you can automatically browse to any video that can guide you to a certain collectible with respect to the game you're playing.

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