Can you Pre-Order Death Stranding Director’s Cut Yet?

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After Death Stranding released to some minor fanfare and seemingly predicted the early days of the pandemic, fans now have a chance to relive the game with more content in the upcoming Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, exclusive to the PS5.

Recently announced during the 2021 Summer Game Fest, fans were fairly excited to see a bunch of classic Metal Gear references in Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, making a bunch of them want to pre-order the game.


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Can you Pre-Order Death Stranding Director’s Cut Yet?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any pre-orders for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, at least not right now.

PlayStation Studios hasn’t revealed a release date for the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut but knowing Hideo Kojima, it could take a while before the game comes out due to the additions he will want to add.


The fact that he wants to put in an additional stealth section or two inspired by Metal Gear Solid means this could take some time unless they’ve already been developed in advance, which we doubt.

Pre-orders for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will eventually be announced and we’re sure that PlayStation Studios will add a bunch of cool incentives for people to get it, especially if there’s a cool statue or two.

They did say that more information on Death Stranding: Director’s Cut would be released in the near future so here’s hoping that we get an idea on when pre-orders happen and if there will be a free PS5 upgrade for PS4 owners.

No release date for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has been announced, though it will be coming to the PlayStation 5.