'PlayStation Home' Trademark Has Been Renewed By Sony

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PlayStation Home was a 3D social networking space that allowed PS3 users to interact with one another through their own customizable avatars.

Opening in 2008, the platform closed in 2015. But could Sony be planning to bring PlayStation Home back?


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Sony issues third trademark for PlayStation Home

Eagle-eye Redditor, Thorites noticed the activity as Sony has registered a third trademark for the networking hub.


Sony has secured the rights to the name until 2028. Under "Goods and Services", the trademark is still labeled as "computer game software" and "social networking services", while also:

Providing online access to computer networks, computer databases, the Internet, on-line bulletin boards, virtual worlds and libraries of text, graphics and audio-visual and multimedia information and entertainment.
<img src="screenshot.jpg" alt="screen grab of PlayStation Home trademark till 2028">

So, could Sony be planning to bring the social networking experience back? Thorites speculates that the hub might be transformed for the forthcoming PSVR2.


While Home could also be modernized for next-generation consoles. Similar to how Fortnite has in-game concerts, a similar internal space could be planned exclusively for PlayStation.

We will wait to see what Sony intends to do with PlayStation Home, or whether they plan anything at all.