PlayStation 5 Has Sold 9 Million Units Since Launch

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The PlayStation 5 has now sold over 9 million units since launching eight months ago. As confirmed by VGChartz, Sony's newest console barely reached this latest milestone, coming in at exactly 9,000,103 units, placing it comfortably ahead of Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S at 5.33 million.

While PS5 previously doubled Xbox Series' sales figures back in May, this indicates that momentum is still going strong. However, it's worth remembering that the ongoing semiconductor shortage is still creating stock issues for tech manufacturers, so demand may not be accurately reflected here.


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PlayStation 5 Has Sold 9 Million Units Since Launch

Of course, it's not just those two in contention. According to these latest figures, the Nintendo Switch pushed just under 400k additional sales, placing it at 86.72 million sales overall. The PS4 took in an extra 30k sales, Xbox One reached 14k, while the 3DS clings on at just 508 altogether.

You can find a regional breakdown here, but here's the full worldwide figures below:

  • Switch - 392,790 (86,716,650)
  • PlayStation 5 - 199,629 (9,000,103)
  • Xbox Series X|S - 112,864 (5,330,164)
  • PlayStation 4 - 29,667 (115,676,809)
  • Xbox One - 13,767 (50,139,650)
  • 3DS - 508 (75,935,100)