PlayStation and Firewalk Studios Will Work Together On New Multiplayer IP

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Firewalk Studios' debut game will be published by PlayStation, the company has announced.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, studio head Tony Hsu explained that "for our team, the opportunity to create new worlds and inspire more amazing moments for players around the world is the fire and ambition that keeps us going."

"The PlayStation team has a deep love and respect for the medium of games, and some of the best expertise and capabilities in the world to help make big ambitions a reality."

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PlayStation and Firewalk Studios Confirm New Multiplayer IP

"We have a saying at Firewalk: build a great team, build a great game. One leads directly to the other," Hsu explains, before pointing to the team's pedigree.

The studio features developers that worked on Destiny, Guitar Hero, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Apex Legends.

With Sony's large portfolio of single-player content with the likes of God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon, there's definitely a gap in the publisher's portfolio for a first-party multiplayer title.

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