Sony Confirms PlayStation Plus Video Pass Being Tested In Poland

UPDATE (22/4) - Sony has responded to the leak, and confirmed that the PlayStation Plus Video Pass is being tested in Poland.

Speaking to Spider's Web, SIE's global services VP Nick Maguire explained that the company wants "to see how players will benefit from such a service".

“What titles do they watch, what do they care about, how often do they use them."

“At this stage, however, I cannot say whether it will be created and what the test process will look like for other markets, as well as what the future is for PlayStation Plus Video Pass after the test period.

“We are currently focusing only on the Polish market, on Polish players and what will be their reaction to the additional benefit under the PS Plus program.”

Why Poland, you ask? According to Maguire:

“We know very well that we have a large base of players in Poland who stand out due to their commitment and activity in the network and social media."

“They also like to use VoD platforms. For us, this is the perfect combination, the perfect market, to introduce a test service as part of the PS Plus program and see what our key users think about it."

“Of course, I cannot share the exact data on the basis of which we chose Poland. However, I can emphasize that Poland meets all the criteria that are important to us, your country is a mixture of very important factors from this perspective.”

Original Story Follows:

PlayStation Plus, Sony's long-running subscription service, could be about to add video content to its offerings if a since-deleted logo is to be believed (thanks, VGC).

The service will reportedly add movie and TV content, and the Polish PlayStation site's description explained that the trial would last from April 22, 2021, to April 22, 2022, meaning any announcement is likely imminent.

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PS Plus Video Pass Coming According To Leaked Logo

Check out the logo below:

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The move appears to be an added value proposition, similar to Xbox Game Pass' previous limited offer of a Disney Plus subscription.

The Polish site also gave a sneak peek at what could be coming to the service when it does land, with Sony movies Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Bloodshot all shown.

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Sony had previously confirmed that video content would be unavailable from the PlayStation Store from August 31, 2021.

It's a far cry from the company's PlayStation Vue initiative that saw the company offer its own streaming service available on multiple devices.

We'll continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

For more on PlayStation Plus, be sure to check out all we know about May's lineup.

For those that haven't yet, be sure to download Days Gone, Zombie Army 4, and Oddworld: Soulstorm as part of April's lineup.

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