Is Sunset Overdrive Coming To PS4/PS5? Sony Trademark Gives Fans Hope

Sony appears to have filed a trademark for Sunset Overdrive, an Insomniac Games titles that was previously only available on Xbox One and PC.

As spotted by industry insider Nibel on Twitter, the trademark was registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC on April 26th.

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Is Sunset Overdrive Coming To PS4/PS5? Sony Trademark Gives Fans Hope

Check out Nibel's tweet below:

As Nibel notes, Insomniac Games owns the IP, but were purchased by Sony in 2019.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Sony intends to put the game on its own hardware, though, and could be a case of the company covering itself against any lapses in trademark. Still, it's an exciting prospect.

The game originally launched in 2014, and was one of the few high-points of the Xbox One's early years.

An open-world adventure full of pop culture references and self-referential humour, the game came to Windows in 2018.

Wondering if it's any good? The game has an 81 Metacritic rating, and likely helped inform the developer's subsequent Spider-Man titles with its smooth locomotion and traversal mechanics.

If Sunset Overdrive arrives on PlayStation consoles, it's likely to find a substantial new audience, something that could even encourage Insomniac to make Sunset Overdrive 2.

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