Marvel's Spider-Man 2: What We Want From Insomniac's Next Game

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Marvel's Spider-Man may have launched back in 2018, but with a PS5 glow-up and an excellent sequel/spin-off in Miles Morales' standalone chapter, PlayStation fans have been living the dream.

Arguably not since Batman's Arkham games have we had such true-to-character digital adaptations of a comic-book character, and the first game certainly tees up some spectacularly exciting narrative threads that we can't wait to see unravel.


With that in mind, here are our top five requests for the next game, although we should warn you – there are spoilers ahead for both Marvel's Spider-Man and Miles Morales. You have been warned.

Ready? Let's swing into it, shall we?

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More Marvel Appearances

Marvel's Spider-Man may have shied away from introducing too many characters all at once, but we did get a lot of villains.

While Peter Parker was battling the Sinister Six and Doc Ock, he notes that the Avengers are on the West Coast. Avengers Tower is in the game, but could a sequel bring at least one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes into Insomniac's franchise? It would certainly help expand the universe.

Neversoft's Spider-Man game back on PS1 was focused on the webslinger, but it did manage to sneak in the likes of the Human Torch and Captain America, after all, while Web of Shadows added Wolverine.



The one thing we're excited about more than anything is the sequel's story.

Throughout the main campaign, we follow Harry Osborn's plans to make New York a better place using his father's company's research stations dotted throughout the city. We're told Harry is off travelling, but a post-credits sting suggests that isn't entirely true.

You see, Norman Osborn has a terminally ill Harry in a lab alongside a black, gooey substance, which means we're pretty sure we'll see the symbiote play a big part in the game.

That's not all, though. In one of the Mary Jane gameplay segments, players can stumble upon plans for Green Goblin's glider – could we really see both the symbiote and Green Goblin in the same game?

Then there's Dr Curt Connors, who appears to be working to keep Harry alive. Will we face his alter-ego, The Lizard, too?


New Suits and Abilities

This could tie in with the symbiote, but if it does attach itself to Peter Parker (as it so often does), could we see an entirely new suite of abilities.

After all, Peter's initial run-ins with the symbiote actually made him stronger, and he relished that power in the past, and this would be a smart way to tie into a potential conflict with Miles or MJ as the power begins to turn Parker against his allies.

Give us a symbiote set moveset that we can keep after the campaign, please!


This is almost certainly not going to happen, but could the arrival of Miles' powers (expanded in his solo outing to include electricity and invisibility) lead to an opportunity for co-op gameplay alongside Peter Parker?

Insomniac has primarily worked on single-player titles, so it would be a surprise, but with Gotham Knights offering co-op, who knows?


We'd even settle for more playable characters, even if just in single-player.

Leave Last-Gen

Ok, so this one is likely to be somewhat contentious, but hear us out – it's time to focus on a PS5 version that isn't ported to PS4.

Miles Morales looks, and runs, great on both Sony generations, but imagine what could be done with development time focused on bringing Manhattan to life on PS5 alone.

More fluid motion, more densely packed streets, or even a dynamic weather system – it could be incredible.

What do you want to see from Spider-Man 2? Let us know!