Disney+ Has Stopped Working On PlayStation 5, Here's why

Disney+ has become an absolutely indispensable TV subscription and the addition of original shows from the Marvel and Star Wars universes have only further cemented its pedigree.

After all, without Disney+ how could you watch The Mandalorian, Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Wandavision? And that's naming just three exclusive titles on the massive library of existing content.

However, if you've been using Sony's PlayStation 5 to keep up to date on the weekly episodes dropping for shows, you might struggle to watch anything this week.

That's because a new system update has rolled out for the PS5 and it's left some Disney+ users completely unable to access the service.

If you're one of them, don't worry, you're not going bonkers, there is a genuine issue with the console.

As per Digital Foundry, it appears as though some users who have been using a specific new HDR feature are unable to launch Disney+.

More specifically if you've been using the new ‘On When Supported’ HDR feature, you might be unable to access Disney+.

Quite why this is, we're not sure. But it is a genuine bug and one we suspect Sony will be quick to fix.

Aside from a rather inconvenient bug for Disney+ users, Sony's first major PS5 update has also added plenty of nifty new features to the console. So it's not all bad.

For one, users can now transfer PS5 games to an external hard drive. Very handy given the limited storage space of the console and the constantly spiralling file sizes of games these days.

In addition, the update also added some much-needed tweaks to the trophy system (which was far from perfect compared to the PS4 experience) and extra support for 120hz devices. So if you have a 1080p PC monitor which can supports 120Hz, it will now work following the update. Pretty handy that!

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