Discord May Get PlayStation Network Integration Soon

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In 2021, Sony CEO Jim Ryan said PlayStation would eventually get Discord integration, and while that hasn't happened yet, it could be just over the horizon. Some Discord users have found some evidence that the PlayStation Network may have some integration to the voice chat app soon.

Twitter user @Okami13_'s noted a Reddit thread has been removed from the /r/discordapp, where the user somehow accessed the PlayStation Network button which will integrate the Discord account to a PlayStation account. This was still in some form of pre-release state, naturally, since the integrated feature is yet to be fully launched.

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Discord May Get PlayStation Network Integration Soon

Until this finally sees the light of day, PlayStation players will still have to rely on third-party devices, such as PCs and phones, to use Discord on the console or in-game chat, assuming the game supports it. It's not the most convenient setup, though, especially since Discord lets users create custom groups.

At best, the feature appearing prematurely is a good sign that the development could be done sometime soon.

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