Jim Ryan Says PlayStation 5 Will Get Tournaments Feature

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will get the Tournament feature sometime in 2022. Tournaments were first added to the PlayStation 4 in 2016 and allowed players to enter tournaments for some of the competitive games available on the platform. Potentially, this feature could further spark the platform's esports scene.

Ryan announced the feature during CES 2022, alongside the formal reveal of the PS VR 2. Competitive titles currently available on the PlayStation 5 may potentially now also be used to host tournaments in the future, but Ryan didn't make mention of what specific games the Tournaments feature will support.

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Jim Ryan Says PlayStation 5 Will Get Tournaments Feature

In the past, competitive titles such as premier sports games and fighting games were picked up as forefront contenders for the feature. Some of these included the annual NBA 2K games, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Sony now owns the international fighting game tournament, EVO. In the coming years, the tournament feature on the console could help them manage these competitions as Sony pushes toward this competitive venture.


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