Revamped PS Plus Service Won’t Have Day One PlayStation Exclusives

The newly revamped PlayStation Plus won’t have new first-party games when they launch, as CEO Jim Ryan feels that'll make Sony exclusives “suffer” in sales. Ryan shared his thoughts in an interview with, with the CEO not being a fan of the plan despite Microsoft's success with Xbox Game Pass.

Elaborating on this, Ryan stated:

“We feel if we were to do that with the games that we make at PlayStation Studios, that virtuous cycle will be broken. The level of investment that we need to make in our studios would not be possible, and we think the knock-on effect on the quality of the games that we make would not be something that gamers want.”

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Revamped PS Plus Service Won’t Have Day One PlayStation Exclusives

While games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Returnal will feature in these new PS Plus tiers, those two titles have already sold well. Judging from Jim Ryan’s comments, Sony wants to reap the rewards with PlayStation exclusives before making them a part of Plus.

Horizon Forbidden West was the most recent PlayStation exclusive that launched and marks the last first party game with a free PS4-PS5 upgrade. We're not expecting to see games like that on Plus anytime soon, though it is readily available on PS4 and PS5.

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