Pokemon UNITE Launches First On Nintendo Switch This July, Mobile to Follow

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After promising big news for Pokemon Unite today, the Pokemon Company has delivered the goods. A Pokemon Unite release date is set for July, but mobile players will have to wait a little while longer.

When Will Pokemon Unite Launch?

Pokemon Unite was originally revealed as an iOS and Android last year. Earlier this year, beta tests conducted in countries like Canada, suggesting the game was on track for a 2021 release.

Although originally only slated to release on iOS and Android, with this news, a Pokemon Unite Nintendo Switch release has now been confirmed. This July, the game will launch on Nintendo's home console, leaving mobile players to wait a few months more.

Those looking to play the first Pokemon MOBA game on their phones will need to wait until Pokemon Unite launches on iOS and Android in September.

Is Pokemon Unite Free?

Pokemon Unite will launch as a free-to-start game. Microtransactions will allow players to speed up Pokemon unlocks and completion of missions, but will play no part in the competitive nature of the actual in-game battles.

Will Pokemon Unite Have Microtransactions?

Alongside the release date news, new details have been revealed as well. Aoes Gems, a paid premium currency, can be used to purchase new Pokemon to use in battle and Holowear to change the appearance of your trainer.

Items can also be obtained by spending Aoes Coins earned just by playing the game, but like most other games of this type, players should be prepared for these to take quite some time to obtain.

A battle pass system has also been revealed: the level of which will reset the and rewards will change at the start of a new season. This can be leveled up by completing in-game missions.

Though the details of the mission format hasn't been revealed, expect them to be simple goals like playing with certain Pokemon, winning a set number of battles, defeating Pokemon, and scoring points.

The battle pass can also be leveled up by using paid Aeos Gems.

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