Pokemon TCG Classic - Release date, pre orders, set list, and leaks

A screenshot of the Pokémon TCG Classic trailer featuring Venusaur card.

A screenshot of the Pokémon TCG Classic trailer featuring Venusaur card.

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For quite some time, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has established itself as one of the most popular card games. The Pokemon Company has recently unveiled 'Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic' which has shook fans in its planned recreation of the game's inaugural set. In line with that, we've prepared a guide for Pokemon TCG Classic, going over the release date, details on pre orders, the set list, and latest leaks.

Cards such as Charizard and Professor Oak are included in the classic cards that 'would last for a lifetime', so fans are very excited.

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When does Pokemon TCG Classic release?

The Pokemon Company recently announced Pokemon TCG Classic, which is a premium Pokemon card product inspired by the game's original base set. Announced during the Pokemon Presents event in February 2023, a trailer revealed the game's special board and pieces that come with the new versions of the original cards.

A screenshot of the Pokémon TCG Classic trailer featuring iconic cards.
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On February 28, 2023, the product will be available in Japan at the Pokemon Center Online and nendo house via lottery system. Moreover, the Pokemon TCG Classic game will be fully released in Late October 2023 in Japan and Late 2023 internationally.

Take note that the international version will be available in select markets in North America (including the US and Canada), Latin America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Pokemon TCG Classic pre orders

To preorder the Pokemon TCG Classic, you'll have to go to the website indicated in the announcement trailer. However, as of writing, the website to pre order the game isn't live yet and you'll only be directed to an announcement of Pokemon TCG Classic on the Pokemon website. Once it is live, we'll let you know.

Pokemon TCG Classic set list

As the Pokemon TCG Classic will have a reimagined design, it will consist of everything players will need to play and collect, including:

  • Iconic cards from the history of the Pokémon TCG, including Base Set Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.
  • Specially constructed 60-card decks featuring Grass, Fire and Water Energy types.
  • Alongside classic cards, brand-new cards such as Ho-Oh ex, Lugia ex and Suicune ex are included, allowing players to form new strategies for playing.

As more cards are revealed, we'll update this list.

Leaked info on Pokémon TCG Classic

Inside the toolbox, you'll find stackable damage counters that clearly indicate how much damage a Pokemon has taken, three-dimensional Poison and Burn markers, and metal orbs that take the place of Pokemon coins.

Additionally, you'll be able to roll metal orbs down a small chute—if the orb lands in a white-bordered hole, it's treated as heads, and if it lands in a black-bordered hole, it's treated as tails. Furthermore, the game includes the following:

  • A game board that folds up to store all the items included in Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic.
  • A toolbox for storing stackable damage counters, Poison and Burn markers, and metal orbs.
  • Three deck boxes featuring Energy symbols matching the included Pokémon TCG decks.

With that, we hope you've been starting to save up for the Pokemon TCG Classic. It brings to players waves of nostalgia in the form of reimagined classic cards of their favorites. If you want more content like this, try checking out our guide on the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

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