Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Poipole

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The long-awaited second DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield has now gone live across the world.

The Crown Tundra is taking players to a brand new location, which is about to be an amazing adventure.


Now, players are having a chance to check out the new region and all the new Pokemon available for catching.

One of them is Poipole; who is actually the easiest Ultra Beast to obtain!


Ultra Beasts

The series of Ultra Beast Pokemon are some of the most controversial Pokemon ever added into the series.


There has always been a mixed opinion on whether or not these Pokemon should be included in the first place.

Regardless, players are still obsessed with catching them and this time around the Crown Tundra has an entire Ultra Beast quest line after you complete the game.

Poipole is the Poison-type Ultra Beast and has one of the easier encounters, as it is actually a gift rather than a wild encounter.

Once you have completed 15 Dynamax Adventures, you can head to the lobby of the Max Lair and talk to one of the NPCs.


After some dialogue, they will grant you a Poipole which will only be LVL 20; but it is better than LVL 5!

Ultra Beasts are among the rarest Pokemon in the game, but catching them and using them in battle is some of the best Pokemon action we have seen in years.

For the most part, they have stellar movements and outstanding base stats; making them great Pokemon!