Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Get Regidrago And Regileki

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The long-awaited second DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield has now gone live across the world.

The Crown Tundra is taking players to a brand new location, which is about to be an amazing adventure.

Filled with brand new Pokemon along with a massive returning cast; there is so much content in store.


There are some brand new Pokemon in this DLC pack as well, and one of them is a new Regi.

Regidrago is a dragon-type Pokemon as the name suggests, and here's how to find it!

How To Get Regidrago And Regileki

Before you begin your excursion into catching Regidrago, you are first going to need to catch all of the previous Regis.

As when you head to the ruins that Regidrago lay, the following message appears: 

“A giant of rock. A giant of ice. A giant of steel. When gather the three giants, the door of destiny shall be opened.”

So, all of the Regis from the Hoenn region are going to need to be captured before heading into the temple.


It is a good thing the Crown Tundra has implemented all of the previous legendary Pokemon from past games. 

In order to catch all of the Regis, you are going to need to venture out to certain ruins, as well complete some other tasks.

Here's a quick rundown of how to catch them:

  • Registeel's ruins will open when your player whistles in front of the door, then you will need to complete a glowing panel puzzle which is not hard at all
  • Regiice's ruins will open when you walk by the door with Cryogonal as your walking Pokemon
  • Regirock's ruins will open when the first Pokemon in your party is holding an Everstone

Once you complete this task and have all of the Regis, head back to the ruins where Regidrago lays. 

Heading inside you will then have to choose between Regidrago and Regileki!

One of them is electric while the other is a dragon-type, so choose wisely as you will not get another chance.