Pokemon Sword and Shield: Poke Jobs Guide, What Are Poke Jobs And The Best Ones To Level Up Your Pokemon!

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A brand new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield may come off as a bit deceiving at first, the new Poke Jobs option is a first for the series and many players are getting confused about how it exactly works. 

These jobs are a time-efficient way to level up your Pokemon and we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the Poke Jobs!


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What Are Poke Jobs?

Poke Jobs are special events that you can send your Pokemon on, much like contracting out a real-life worker you can do the exact same with your Pokemon.

In order to send your Pokemon on one of these jobs, you are going to want to head to any Pokemon centre.

From there head over to the Rotom PC and you will see the option for Poke Jobs, depending on where you are in the game there could be numerous postings for Poke jobs!

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Specific Pokemon & How Long

Although you can send any Pokemon on any Poke Job, you should be aware of the listing descriptions of the job.

Some job postings will ask you for strong Pokemon or a specific type of Pokemon type for that certain job - if you want your Pokemon to level up successfully you should not send the wrong typings on a job. 

When you select the Pokemon you want to send on a Poke Job, you will then be prompted to select how long your Pokemon will be gone for. The time options are: 

  • Just a little = 1 hour
  • Very short = 2 hours
  • Short = 3 hours
  • Long = 4 hours
  • Very Long = 8 hours
  • Half-day = 12 hours
  • Whole day = 24 hours

The longer you send a Pokemon on a job the more XP it will gain from that job!

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Gaining XP

One of the neat features about the new Poke Jobs is that your Pokemon will gain XP during the time they spend on the job, after you complete the fourth gym in the Galar Region you unlock the prospect of sending your Pokemon on stat specific seminars.

These jobs are catered to different stat categories of your Pokemon, things such as speed and special attack.

You gain 4 stat points for every hour your Pokemon is at the seminar, so sending your Pokemon for a full day will reward you with 96 points. Not a bad deal if you ask us.


You can also gain other rewards such as money and other items that your Pokemon may pick up during their jobs.

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Have you sent any of your Pokemon on Poke Jobs? Let us know by tweeting at us!