Isle of Armor: Map Locations In Pokemon Sword And Shield's Expansion

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The first expansion pack, Isle of Armor, in the Pokemon Sword and Shield series is going to be releasing in the coming months.

The Isle of Armor is the first DLC pack coming, and we recently got some more details on the map and locations we are going to be able to explore!


We now know what the map for the Isle of Armor is going to look like - let's dive into some of the new landmarks we are going to be able to visit. 

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How Do I Get To The Isle? 

Although we do not have official confirmation about how we are going to get to the Isle of Armor, based on the trailer shown in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, we saw the full map of the island and it indicates that we are going to have to fly in via the Corviknight Taxi we see in the Pokemon: Twilight Wings series.


Rather than taking one of the trains we used throughout Sword and Shield, it appears this island really is isolated!

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Full Map

Below is the full map that was showcased during the Nintendo Direct, although it looks small in comparison to other Pokemon maps, we can expect that there are going to be a lot of areas that we can explore!



Another location that was showcased is the Dojo, this is where the story is rumored to be starting, located towards the south of the map.


Wild Area 

Another area that was revealed was some new sections of the Wild Area as apart of the island!


This section appears to be along the west coast of the island.

This area appears to be located in the south-west of the map.


Towers of Two Fists

During the story mode of the Isle of Armor, you will have the opportunity to challenge one of the towers of two fists.


The red one is the tower of darkness, which is located to the north and the blue one is the tower of water, which is located to the west.


The cave can be found at the very north of the Island.