Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax Pikachu Max Raid Battle: Dates, Times, Community Rewards and More

Pokemon is gearing up to potentially make some massive announcements next month.

This will hopefully include some brand new titles such as the long-awaited remakes of Diamond and Pearl.

Sword and Shield was the latest main series game introduced and players are still going back and catching all the shiny Pokemon they are missing.

Now, a brand new Max Raid is going to be available for players soon.

Here's all you need to know!



The special Pokemon going to be obtainable via these max raids is Gigantamax Pikachu!

The adorable Pokemon is one of the most valuable TGC cards on the market right now, and you can get the Pokemon in-game to match! 


Dates and Times

The special encounter will only be within the game from February 26th to the 28th!


Community Bonuses

These bonuses will be rewarded if enough players all over the world catch the Gigantamax Pikachu!

They have noted that if one million players catch this Pokemon, everyone will obtain 100 Armorite Ore and 100 Dynite Ore!


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