How To Get Shiny Cramorant In Pokemon Sword And Shield

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Pokemon is gearing up to potentially make some massive announcements next month.

This will hopefully include some brand new titles such as the long-awaited remakes of Diamond and Pearl.


Sword and Shield was the latest main series game introduced and players are still going back and catching all the shiny Pokemon they are missing.

With a brand new Secrets Of The Jungle Raid event coming soon, players may be wondering how to obtain a shiny Cramorant.

Here's the best way! 




Cramorant is going to be the featured Pokemon as apart of this new raid event.

The raid is going to kick off on February 4th, 2021 and players will be gunning for this shiny Pokemon. 

Enter into Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area and be sure to engage in Cramorant dens only to increase the chances of encountering a Shiny Tauros.


If you're unable to participate in this event, you can try the old fashion way...


Shiny Chances

Battle Count Chance of Shiny (%) Without Shiny Charm With Shiny Charm



How To Get The Shiny Charm

Once you have the Shiny Charm, the chances of catching a shiny are increased greatly.

To get the Shiny Charm, you need to complete the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex (no we're not joking).

Once done, head to Circhester, enter the west door of Hotel Ionia, go up the elevator, then enter the room on the far left.


Speak to the Director and he will reward you with the Shiny Charm.