Isle of Armor: Best Pokemon To Use In Pokemon Sword And Shield Expansion

The first expansion, Isle of Armor, for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be releasing very soon; fortunately it brings a number of Pokemon back to the game.

The Isle of Armor is the first time that Pokemon has done DLC for a one of its main titles and one of the rare occasions that a number of new Pokemon are being added.

With so many Pokemon returning to the game, let's take a look at the best ones you can use in the Isle of Armor!

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One of the best Pokemon from the Jhoto region, Kingdra is making a return to the Pokemon series in the Isle of Armor.

The mighty water-dragon Pokemon is still one of the strongest Pokemon that any trainer can use. 

Although Kingdra may be tricky to obtain, it is well worth the wait!

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The bug-fire type Pokemon was the primary Pokemon of the Unova region leader Alder; it is one of the most unique Pokemon type combinations that they have introduced into the series as well. 

Adding this Pokemon to your team offers a type pairing that is unmatched and a Pokemon that has a solid special attack rating!



The generation one Pokemon is one of the most iconic and loveable Pokemon of all time.

The psychic-water type Pokemon is known for having an outstanding defensive rating as well, having a lethal arsenal in moves! 

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Having a dark type Pokemon is always a safe bet for your Pokemon team, Zoroark was praised as one of the best Pokemon at the time of its release.

It is known for being one of the quickest Pokemon on the battlefield, and having a good attack rating!



Introduced during the Aloha region, Lycanroc was one of the coolest Pokemon introduced during Generation VII.

Lycanroc is one of the Pokemon that has two different forms depending on the battle situation, this makes it a must-use if you are looking to only use new Pokemon in the Isle of Armor!



Round out our list of the best new Pokemon coming to the Isle of Armor is Magnezone.

The final form of the Magnemite evolution line is one of the coolest and best electric type Pokemon introduced during the Sinnoh region. Perhaps you might take a look at Magnezone to round out your team!

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