Pokemon Sword And Shield: Mega Evolution Returning In Isle Of Armor And New Pokemon Confirmed?

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Dataminers may have found evidence that Mega Evolution is returning in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Pokedex appears to continue to expand as we get closer to the Isle of Armor Expansion launch.


Recently, 35 new Pokemon were added to the game and we know that the next expansion will reinstate over 200 missing Pokemon.

So what did they find and who's returning?

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Mega Evolution Returns?

Despite Game Freak deciding not to include Mega Evolutions, instead opting to have Dynamaxing, it seems some items have eluded to a potential return in the Expansion Passes.

Here's what data miners found:

  • Blue Orb and Red Orb – help Groudon and Kyogre to undergo Primal Reversion
  • All Mega Stones – this could point to the return of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Is This Legit?

What makes these findings more legitimate is the fact that other items have been found known to promote evolving for CONFIRMED returning Pokemon.

  • Lucky Stone – Increases Chansey’s critical hit by two stages.
  • Electirizer – If Electabuzz holds this item during a trade, it will evolve into Electabuzz.

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New Pokemon Confirmed?

If this information is correct, it could mean the following Pokemon and items will return:

  • Thick Club – Doubles Cubone or Marowak’s attack stat.
  • Twisted Spoon – Could point to the return of Abra and its other evolutions.
  • All Type Plates
  • Magmarizer – If Magmar holds this item during a trade, it will evolve to Magmortar.
  • Dubious Disc – If held by Porygon2 during a trade, it will evolve into Porygon-Z.

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It could be that these have been leftover from a phase of development in which they were included. Or they could be placed in there for a time in which Game Freak decided they were worth included in the full game.