Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Meowth Guide - Moveset, Evolution, Best Partner And How To Get Mewoth

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX included Meowth as one of the 12 starter Pokemon that you can choose to start with.

If the Team Rocket member is your choice in the new Mystery Dungeon game, here's

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Meowth Guide

The Generation 1 normal-type is available as the player or partner through the main game.

Usually, Meowth is chosen if the personality result is either Quirky (for males) in nature.

It has normal mobility, meaning it cannot traverse through water, lava and cloud tiles and walls without the assistance of a mobility-enhancing item or a certain IQ skill.

As Meowth is a normal type, it is weak to fighting types, so you should pair it with a flying type. Unfortunately, there are no flying type starters - the closest is Torchic, who doesn't learn Peck until later in the game.

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How To Get Meowth

Meowth can be chosen at the start of the game as either the player or partner.

Meowth can be recruited exclusively at Western Cave with a recruit rate of 12%.

You will come across a Lv29 Mewoth with a rarity of:

  • 3rd floor (13.04%)
  • 4th-5th floor (20%)
  • 6th floor (15.79%)
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Evolving Meowth

Evolution does not play a massive part in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so it is perfectly ok to keep Meowth as he is.

Although stats do not increase from evolution, moves can vary once it evolves into Persian.

If you do wish to evolve Meowth, you will need to finish the main story and enter the Luminous Cave - be sure to check our evolution guide for more details.

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Moveset And Abilities

Meowth's ability is Pickup, which means it finds items if it's not holding anything, as well as Technician.

Meowth will begin with the following attacks:

  • Scratch: 25/25
  • Fake Out: 13/13
  • Bite: 18/18
  • Foul Play: 17/17


Here are the moves that Meowth can learn by levelling up:

  • Lv1 Growl
  • Lv1 Scratch
  • Lv10 Bite
  • Lv18 Pay Day
  • Lv25 Faint Attack
  • Lv31 Screech
  • Lv36 Fury Swipes
  • Lv40 Slash
  • Lv43 Fake Out
  • Lv45 Swagger

Here are the moves that Meowth can learn from TMs:

  • Iron Tail
  • Dig
  • Rain Dance
  • Cut
  • Torment
  • Return
  • Double Team
  • Thunder
  • Facade
  • Shadow Ball
  • Thunderbolt
  • Taunt
  • Aerial Ace
  • Shock Wave
  • Toxic
  • Thief
  • Sunny Day
  • Rest
  • Secret Power
  • Flash
  • Protect
  • Water Pulse
  • Hidden Power
  • Attract
  • Frustration
  • Snatch
  • Wide Slash
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