Pokemon Go: Is 'Fly' coming to Niantic's mobile RPG?

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Pokemon GO could be getting a new move in the near future, according to the game's Master File.

Fly, a move known to longtime fans since the dawn of the franchise on Game Boy, has been spotted in the game's code as reported by PokeMiners.


Pokemon GO: Is Fly Coming?

Fly is a legendary move in the main series because of its versatility. While it allows Pokemon to avoid damage for a turn before swooping down on enemies, it also allows players to fast-travel to previously discovered areas in a matter of seconds.

With the recently delayed Raid Invites potentially allowing players to raid with friends regardless of location, could Fly be used to explain how we're all of a sudden able to be everywhere at once?

In terms of battle stats, Pokemon Go Hub noted that it's similar to Sky Attack but slightly faster.