Pokemon GO: Friend Raid Invites Delayed Due To Technical Issues

Pokemon Go's Raid invite feature has been delayed, developer Niantic has confirmed.

As reported on the Pokemon Go hub, the feature was intended to allow up to five friends to participate in raids together without necessarily being in the same place. 

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Pokemon Go: Friend Raid Invites Delayed

in an official Tweet, Niantic Support explained that it'll be delayed out of this month, and the team is working towards a new release date.

Trainers, due to technical issues, we unfortunately will not be able to launch the ability to invite Friends to Raids this month. We will continue working towards a future release date. Please keep an eye on our official channels for further updates.
— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp)
June 29, 2020

As Pokemon Go Hub suggests, the feature was likely held up by numerous issues with potential location spoofing detection.

In better news, Pokemon Go fans can get involved with the game's fourth-anniversary event this coming weekend. You can find our guide to the event here.

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