Pokemon GO: How To Battle On iOS And Android

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Pokemon Go took the world by storm back in the summer of 2016, but almost four years on it continues to grow at an impressive pace – drawing new players and keeping veteran trainers engaged for days on end. 

Catching Pokemon is only part of the fun, and you'll soon want to turn your hand to battling. Here's how to take on your friends or gym leaders.

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How to Battle your Friends in Pokemon Go

Before you can battle, you'll need to fulfil certain criteria. For one, you'll need to be at least level 10. Secondly, if you're battling online against your friend (i.e. not sat in the same room, social distancing and all that), you'll need to be "Ultra" or "Best" friends. This takes time to build-up, so prepared to put in some work sending gifts and playing together.

Playing Locally

Sat with your friend? Battling is easy. Head to your "Nearby" menu in the Map screen, and select "Challenge a Trainer".

Next, scan the trainer's QR code to begin battling.

Playing Online

Social distancing and want to show your buddy who's boss? Head into your friend list and select the friend you want to battle, then hit "Battle" to send an invite.

Once they accept, the battle begins!

How to Battle Gym Leaders in Pokemon Go

Spotted a Pokemon Gym in your neighbourhood that's not held by your team? Head there and enter your Pokemon in a battle – wear them down enough times and you'll be able to plonk one of your Pokemon in there instead, earning you coins.