Logan Paul Paid $3.5 Million For Fake "Pokémon" Cards

You may recall YouTuber Logan Paul buying a supposed boxed set of Pokémon Trading Cards for $3.5 million. However, following concerns that they might be fake, Paul checked the cards, and it turns out they were right.

On his YouTube channel, Logan Paul revealed he'd actually spent $3.5 million on a bunch of G.I. Joe Trading Cards that were packed with Pokémon TCG boxes. Understandably, the man is pretty disappointed about how he and his entire group, including the authenticators, thought the Cards were real.

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Logan Paul Bought Fake Pokemon Trading Cards for $3.5 Million

Speaking about this in detail, Logan Paul (transcribed by Nintendo Life) stated:

"I'm a super positive person, bro - and I'll always be the one to look on the bright side and I'm trying but this is very hard. It's just so sad for all parties involved, it's sad for the Pokémon community - like how many fraudulent things are out there? I'm grateful for the things that I have that are real now, I'm picturing my Charizard in my head...something real, something worth a lot of money that is real. Damn bro, I just went from eleven first edition boxes to five. We got f***ed, end of story."

It's a timely reminder to be cautious when shopping online with valuable items, as we recently saw when a PS5 reseller was robbed at gunpoint. As always, we'll keep you informed with further updates when they come in.

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