Does Pokemon Unite Have A Battle Pass?

During the Summer, Pokemon Unite was one of the surprise announcements from the beloved franchise.

Taking notes from League of Legends, the new Pokemon MOBA has now just released a beta for certain players.

One aspect that has raised the eyebrows of many gamers is that there could be a battle pass within the game.

Here's all we know!



As noted above, a beta for the new Pokemon game has released in specific regions all over the world.

Within the beta, players are able to check out some of the content featured in the game's menus.

To many players' surprise, there appears to not only be challenges within the game, but also a full battle pass.

This was documented by CentroLeaks who tweeted the following image: 

expand image

From what we can gather, the battle pass within Pokemon Unite is going to feature Pokemon styles, trainer outfits, and other items which players can unlock the more they play.

It will be interesting to see how much this battle pass costs when the actual game releases!

Be sure to let us know if you have checked out the beta for Pokemon Unite and if you are looking forward to the game's release. 


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