Could A New Pokemon Game Or Remake Be Coming Soon? Leaks And Job Listing Suggests

Pokemon fanatics are constantly looking for rumours of new games for the franchise.

Well, it looks like they could be on to something this time.

The franchise released back in 1996 and will be celebrating their 25 year anniversary soon.

Fans are anticipating whether this celebration could bring a new title or possibly... a remake?

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New Pokemon Game 2021

Fans of Pokemon have spotted some new job listings released in December by The Pokemon Company.

The 12-month contracts are for localisation from Japanese to English.

Meaning that there's likely a game close to the end of development which needs translation.

As well as that the company put it a job listing for localisation of marketing materials.

The Pokemon Company has a pattern when it comes to releasing jobs opening close when a title is revealed.

Take 2018's Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee as an example.

Remake Rumours

Many leakers believe its not a new game at all.

KeliosFR on Twitter posted a few months ago that there would be a remake next November.

A rough translation, "You’re going to have your remake next November, stop complaining."

Vous allez l'avoir en Novembre prochain votre remake, arrêtez de vous plaindre. Et vous allez dire "omg Pokémon c'est la meilleure licence"
— 🎁🎄Kelios🎄🎁 (@KeliosFR)
November 22, 2020

KeliosFR's leaks have previously been revealed to be true, as information he announced about Nintendo Direct was correct.

This month CentroLeaks announced something that lined up with Kelios FR.

They think that a main series game will be released in November 2021.

“We don’t know if the main series game is releasing in November, but we trust Kelios a lot.”

This is based on Kelios' info + our own source.We don't know if the main series game is releasing in November, but we trust Kelios a lot.
— Centro Pokémon LEAKS (@CentroLeaks)
December 3, 2020

Nothing has been officially announced yet but it would be a bit odd if we didn't see a new game due to the 25th anniversary.

Will it be a remake or a new title? We don't know but either way, it's Pokemon so we're excited.

Fans have been waiting for a Diamon & Pearl remake for years and desperate to see one.

This is also all riding on a job listing so don't take it too seriously!

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