New Pokémon Snap: Suicune Location and Puzzle Solution

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Suicune, the mascot legendary of Pokémon Crystal, is here in the New Pokémon Snap, but it’s hiding far from anybody’s sight. We’ll show you the legendary Suicune’s location and how to solve the puzzle to reveal it, so you can get a high quality photo for your Photodex.

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Suicune Location in New Pokémon Snap

To find Suicune in the New Pokémon Snap, players need to finish the campaign, before heading back to the Shiver Snowfields. From there, follow the instructions set below.

Suicune Puzzle Guide and Solution

The first thing you need to do is unlock the alternate routes for the Shiver Snowfield. We’ll detail that just below. However, once you have those ready, you can take the following steps:

  • Head to Shiver Snowfields (Night) at Research Level 2
  • Take all the alternate routes to the Ocean section filled with Icebergs
  • You’ll see a Jynx riding around on an Avalugg in the water ahead.
  • Hit the Jynx with an Illumina Orb.
  • Once you’ve done this, Suicune will appear past it, running around on the water for you to take photos of! It'll even move to the land near you for a better shot later on.

Unlocking Alternate Routes to Suicune in Shiver Snowfield

Actually getting to the point above is kind of a nightmare, requiring you to unlock three separate alternate routes in the Snowfields across multiple playthroughs of the level in different states. Here’s how to power through and get to this evasive legendary.

  • Head into the Snowfields (Day) and get a picture of the Alolan Sandslash on your immediate left. It’ll burrow away because it’s shy.
  • It’ll reappear about thirty seconds later on the left, popping up on a further cliff. Take its picture again to get it to burrow away.
  • Further up the area, it’ll suddenly appear in front of you and burrow through a wall of snow. This opens up an alternate route on the right - scan and take it!
  • Complete the course. There’s nothing left for you to do in this mission.
  • Once done, head into Snowfields (Night).
  • Take the new alternate route opened up during the day.
  • The moment you go through, you’ll see a Crabominable on your right, walking across your path to the left.
  • Hit it with an Illumina Orb to power it up. It’ll punch a tree, which annoys the Abomasnow leaning on it, which triggers a snowstorm, which uncovers a Froslass above you.
  • Take a picture of Froslass. It’ll lead you to a new alternate route. Scan to uncover it and take it.
  • This path will lead you through a cave to the ocean area with Jynx, and potentially Suicune if you follow the steps above.

How to Get a Four Star Suicune Picture

To get a four-star picture of Suicune, hit it with several Illumina Orb as it runs past you onto land. It’ll roar and create a blizzard ice attack - take a picture of it right in the middle of the move to get four stars on the photo.

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