New Pokémon Snap: Shaymin Locations and Puzzle Guide

The little green mythical Pokémon Shaymin is hiding in the New Pokémon Snap, concealed in the natural areas of Florio Park. We’ll show you how to find the legendary Shaymin’s location in our guide below, how to get a high-quality photo and even four stars for an excellent photo rating score.

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Shaymin Locations and Puzzle Guide for New Pokémon Snap

To find Shaymin’s location in the new Pokémon Snap, players actually have several options. This legendary Pokémon can be found at multiple locations within the game, though all of them are within the first Florio area. We’ve listed them all below, although it’s important to know that you need to complete the campaign for Shaymin or any other legendary Pokémon to show up!

Shaymin Locations

  • Park (Day), Research Level 2. Shaymin is found in three locations, though they’re not all guaranteed, as there’s a little bit of randomness involved.
    • Sleeping in the grass to the left of Bidoof’s dam in the second area (it’s not easily spotted, being the same colour as the grass itself).
    • Playing with the Pichu and Grookey that run around when you enter the final flower meadow.
    • In the final flower meadow itself, sleeping on the right when you enter, next to the Crystabloom flower.
  • Park (Night), Research Level 2.
    • At the start of the course, looking up at the entrance sign that Scorbunny likes to hang around on.
  • Park Illumina Spot, Research Level 2.

How to Get a Four Star Shaymin Picture

If you’re looking to fill your Photodex with a full range of Shaymin photos, we’ve laid out how to get them all below, including a coveted four-star ranked photo.

  • One Star. Pretty easy, just take a photo of Shaymin when it’s sleeping in the daytime park.
  • Two Stars. Take a photo of Shaymin after you surprise it with a fluffruit, or when it’s on Meganium’s head.
  • Three Stars. Sitting on Meganium’s head is only two stars, but you can get three if you catch a photo of it in mid-jump. You’ll have to be quick.
  • Four Stars. This is a tricky one. Shaymin will be sleeping in the final meadow in the Park (Day), but you can wake it up by slinging an Illumina Orb onto the Crystabloom next to it. It’ll then run to yet another Crystabloom flower that you need to light up. Once you’ve done this, Shaymin will do a little bouncy dance, and that’s your four-star photo waiting.

Looking for more Pokémon Snap info? Find out how to get even more Four-Star shots at our guide here, or check out how you can get the highest possible score for your photographs at our guide here!

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