New Pokémon Snap: Ho-Oh Location and Puzzle Solution

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The legendary tower-dwelling rainbow bird Ho-Oh is in the New Pokémon Snap, hiding in the game until the player can uncover and reveal it to the world through photographs. We’ll show you how to find Ho-Oh in the New Pokémon Snap, as well as how you can get a Four-Star photo of it along the way!

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Legendary Ho-Oh Location and Puzzle Solution in New Pokémon Snap

To find Ho-Oh’s location in the New Pokémon Snap, players will have to solve a basic puzzle in Fireflow Volcano, but will have to do this after completing the main campaign to ensure that Ho-Oh actually appears. We’ve laid out where you can find it below.


Ho-Oh Location

Ho-Oh can actually be found almost immediately upon entering the Volcano Area at research level 3, even without having to complete a puzzle. Upon entering the level, immediately turn to your right to look at the gap in the cliffs which just shows open sky. Ho-Oh is seen flying away from you.

If you don’t take a photo of Ho-Oh here, it won’t show up again later in the level. This will only get you a one-star picture, but it can trigger a series of events that lead to a four-star image.

Once you get this photo, Ho-Oh will also appear in the sky above the charging Tyrantrum in the second open area, flying right-to-left. Once you get past the rolling Graveler, look to your left and up to see it above the mountains. It’ll actually orbit this whole area until it’s on your right side, looping around behind you.

Ho-Oh Four Star Picture and “Slice of Rainbow” Request Puzzle Solution

To get a four-star picture of Ho-Oh and complete the Slice of Rainbow request, you need to trigger numerous Ho-Oh feathers that are hidden around the level. Once you see a feather, hit it with an Illumina Orb. There’s three in total, and these are steps needed to get that rare picture of a rarer Pokémon.

Ho-Oh Feathers

  • At the beginning, take a photo of Ho-Oh at the very start as labelled above.
  • When you start to descend into the caves for the first time, run a scan and take the alternate route to the right, past the jumping Monferno.
  • You’ll pass over a sleepy Shinx, stop briefly, then go into a small, round cave with a Flareon up ahead. The first feather is on the left wall of this cave. Hit it with an Illumina Orb.
  • As you move on into the cave with Flareon and the running water, there’ll be a sleeping Torkoal on the right, near the entrance. Hit it ASAP with an Illumina Orb to wake it up and move it. There’s the second feather underneath where it was sleeping. Hit that with an Illumina Orb too.
  • The third feather is immediately on your left after you’ve done that, between the streams of water pouring from above, behind the Charmander and other Torkoal that you didn’t have to wake. Hit that with an Illumina Orb and move on.

Four-Star Ho-Oh Picture

Once you get out of the cave with the two feathers, look straight up. Ho-Oh will descend in a glorious display right in front you. Hit it with multiple Illumina Orbs to trigger a powerful screech and show of light. Take the photo exactly at this moment to get a photo ranked four stars and complete the “Slice of Rainbow” request. It’ll even land at the bottom of the cavern for some stationary pictures. In fact, if you keep snapping the moment it appears and don’t stop until it’s landed, you’ll basically get every rank of photograph, as it goes through a whole range of diverse behaviour.

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