Fan Favorite Villains Maxie and Archie Join Pokemon Masters This Month

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New Pokemon Masters Archie and Maxie "Master" sync pairs make their way into the mobile game this month.

They're the first new Master sync pairs added since Leon & Charizard back in February, meaning they'll no doubt be extremely powerful additions to any team.

Expect these two to go a long way in helping new or lapsed players catch up to the current wave of content, as well as providing powerful new combos for well-established teams to exploit throughout the new event.

Pokemon Masters Archie and Maxie Release Date and Moves

From now until June 29, the Archie & Kyorge and Maxie & Groudon scouts will be available through the Master Fair Scout page.

Making the most out of these new character's skills means building your team in a specific way.

Archie and Kyogre sync well with Electric-type pokemon to create rain on the battlefield, allowing the "Open the Oceans!" move to sharply buff your team's accuracy and critical hit rate. On the other side of things, Maxie and Groudon prefer a Grass-type duo to enable the team-wide Precipice Blades attack that'll surely dish out massive damage.

Long-time Pokemon fans will know Archie and Maxie as the leaders of Team Aqua and Team Magma respectively--two colliding forces from the Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire games who want to use the super-ancient creatures to extend the seas and land.

It's a story from the early days of Pokemon popularity that'll be touched on in the Masters of Land and Sea event running from now until June 13, showing how the pairs came to capture their signature Pokemon.

The event follows on from last month's challenge that saw players defeat legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre as much as humanly possible.

Pokemon Masters Archie & Maxie Rates

Archie and Maxie both feature in their own Master Fair Scout banners, so you'll need to pull in both to get the dynamic duo.

Each banner has stacks of other five-star sync pairs to pad it out, but out of the flat 12 percent chance you have of landing a five-star character, you're around four times more likely to pull either Archie or Maxie from their that pool--That's a one percent chance to pull either of the Master sync pairs and a 0.250 percent to pull any of the other 40+ five-star units present in the banner.

To aid in pulling either of the two new Master sync pairs, thousands of free gems are up for grabs right now. As a reward for the Special Event Phase 2 activity last month, anyone who logs into Pokemon Masters before June 13 will bag 6,000 gems, with a further 800 gems available as daily log-in rewards as the Masters of Land and Sea event runs its course.

The rewards are available to any and all Pokemon Masters players, making this new event a good opportunity for new or lapsed accounts to hit the ground running.

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