Pokemon Masters: Update 1.12.0 Patch Notes

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Pokemon Masters is getting an exciting new update and there are even a few presents in store!

This update will go live sometime in late July.

Here's what's coming in Pokemon Masters' most recent update.

Update 1.12.0 Patch Notes

Updates to the Explore Menu

  • Courses and supercourses found in the training area will be removed.
  • To coincide with the removal of courses and supercourses, the current training area will be renamed the EX Plaza, and a brand-new training area will be added as a place where items for training can be obtained. Items used to unlock level caps as well as sync orbs can be obtained through battles in the new training area.
  • A stamina function will be introduced as a trial. Some battles will require stamina to play, but there will also be battles that do not require stamina.

STAMINA: A new Stamina mechanic is being implemented

Note: Based on feedback from players, we are taking a flexible approach to the stamina function, including the possibility of removing it. We would appreciate any additional feedback you can provide after playing this new update.

  • To coincide with the addition of stamina, various in-game rewards will be adjusted.
  • Skip tickets will be introduced. Using a skip ticket before some battles where you have met the requirements will allow you to skip the battle and obtain the rewards immediately.
  • Player rank will be introduced. Your player rank increases as you use stamina, and your maximum stamina will increase according to your player rank.

SKIP TICKETS: Here's how the Skip Tickets will work

Updates to Sync Pairs

  • Type skills will be introduced. Type skills are new skills that all sync pairs will have. They are activated when you have two or more sync pairs on your team that share the same sync move type.
  • Moves and skills will no longer have to be learned. Instead, all sync pairs will know all of their moves and passive skills from the beginning.
  • The level cap unlocking feature up to the third tier will be removed. The level caps of all sync pairs will be adjusted to coincide with this change. The initial level cap of all sync pairs will be 100, regardless of their number of stars.
  • The number of items required to unlock the level caps of some sync pairs will be reduced.

Updates to Items

  • Some items, such as the Buff Blend and the Training Machine, will become redundant following the changes.
  • Some of the redundant items can be exchanged for other items in the Exchange Items menu.
  • Other Minor Changes and Adjustments.

As a sign of our appreciation for your support, the following presents will be sent to all players when this update is released.


  • Non-paid Gems x3000
  • Skip Ticket
  • Stamina

Note: Skip tickets and stamina will be sent as log-in bonuses when this update is released. The number of presents to be sent as well as how to collect them will be announced at a later date.


  • Non-paid Gems are sent to your Present Box.
  • The non-paid gems sent to your Present Box can only be claimed for a limited period of time.
  • The content is subject to change without notice.