22 Apr 2021 8:53 PM +00:00

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Pokemon - Who should you choose?

As part of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary celebrations, The Pokemon Company revealed a brand-new open-world title arriving to Nintendo Switch.

Based in the Sinnoh Region, the new game looks to capture the amazing open-world qualities that Nintendo has implemented within other titles such as Breath of The Wild but in the Pokemon universe. 

While these games are based within the Sinnoh Region, the starting Pokemon you have the option to choose are not the same.


Instead, we are getting to choose three Pokemon from entirely different regions and there is already discussion into which one we should choose.

Here's the best choice! 



For those who did not see the announcement today, Pokemon Legends is going to present the following Pokemon as starting Pokemon: 

  • Rowlett - Grass Type
  • Cyndaquil - Fire Type
  • Oshawott - Water Type 

These Pokemon are all recognized as fan favorites and it is cool to see Pokemon opt for three different Pokemon for this game.


Which One

It is always a tricky decision in choosing which starting Pokemon to opt for, especially considering they have presented three amazing choices within the game.

Cyndaquil is one of the best fire-type starting Pokemon from the entire series, and its final evolution is Typhlosion.


Typhlision does massive physical and special attack damage but lacks in overall defense.

Rowlett is one of the most interesting starting Pokemon as its final evolution, Decidueye is a ghost/flying type Pokemon. Making it one of the most original final evolutions among the starting Pokemon.

Finally, Oshawott evolves into Samurott; a standard water-type Pokemon who has a steady balance of offense and defense.

If we were to rank the starting Pokemon within Pokemon Legends we would rank them as follows:

  • Rowlett
  • Cyndaquil
  • Oshawott

But, at the end of the day; the choice is up to you!

Be sure to let us know which Pokemon you are going to choose when this game releases!